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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now with a developing story.
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>> pam: developing news tonight at eight o-clock. firefighters in oakland are mopping up a fire that raged through a vacant victorian style home. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. the fire broke out at the home on harrison street near interstate 880 just before 5-30 tonight. the flames furiously burned for an hour and a half. kron-4's scott rates has been on the scene all night. and joins us now with the latest. scott? >> reporter: pam, i just spoke with the battalion chief. they are treating this as a suspicious fire. let me show you what is left of 621 harrison the firefighters are still making sure that everything else is out. this is what it looked like with our helicopter partnership from abc seven. flames were
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shooting out of this home they had to work quickly before it spread to any other homes. antiphon i have learned tonight that the homo was vacant. when firefighters are right to they found something interesting. it was on the roof of a home right next door. >> when we are right on the scene. this building they called and told the three people off and rescued individuals but they could have been involved in the fire. and the police department has them in custody. they are being questioned on weather or not they had anything to do with this fire. >> reporter: police are still trying to figure out if this if these people were
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involved in this fire. in oakland, scott rates, kron 4. san jose police are asking for the public's help. in finding a man who tried to kidnap a teenage girl, it happened early friday morning in the area of east saint james and north 33rd streets, in the eastern partkron-4's charles clifford is live in san jose tonight. with more on what happened. >> reporter: this east san jose neighborhood is where this happens. it was last friday were this suspect attacked a 13 year-old girl. and director into a driveway she fought, escaped and told police were story. investigators released this police suspect sketch. he is being described as a hispanic male. with a
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fan/medium build. brown eyes, black hair and a mustache and the spoke mustspoke english. he had to round work boots that were covered with white paint. and a navy blue work pants they're hoping that people will come forward with information we have canvassed this neighborhood and we were able to get some information but this is one of those cases where we're going to need the public's health. again i am very, very scared. >> they're going to be the public's -- help. >> reporter: this kind of nerve wracking. >> to think of anything like that it. when i was young i have been living here for many years i used to walk to the bus stop. nearly 6:30 a.m. every day to think that it could happen to
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everybody and anybody that has information is asked to call silicon valley crime stoppers horrid the police department curator charles clifford, kron 4. >> pam: developing tonight. two teens are recovering in the hospital tonight, after greenway trail in el cerrito. this is video of the scene from late this afternoon. from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7 news. tonight, the shooters are still at large. and as kron 4's reggie kumar tells us. police are still trying to figure out a motive. >> this was a involving a confrontation between two groups of teenagers. one group pulled out hand guns and shot people from the other group. does not seem clear why they pulled the trigger they've been collecting evidence. they
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say that they have not recovered any weapons this boy heard shots fired on this trail when he just returned from home. >> i saw the police cars zooming. and there were chasing this guy and i thought oh my gosh! what happened? >> reporter: the police placed the elementary schools on lockdown. investigators do not believe that this was gang related. reggie kumar in el cerrito , kron 4. >> pam: after the deadly connecticut school shooting. an east bay school district started to make security changes. new tonight at eight. kron 4's justine waldman takes us to lafayette. where the district has added a new way to keep students safe. >> if there was an event that took place we needed a lock down the teacher would have to go outside the advantage of these new locks is the teacher can physically push this button here and the door is
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locked. >> reporter: that click. is the new emergency lock down system for the lafayette school district. it allows teachers to lock their doors from inside the classroom vs. going out in to the hall where danger could be. the new locks will go into all 5 district schools on all 205 classroom doors. and the locks are just one new layer of security. >> "we caught some juv eniles. stealing some money. out of backpacks the other day. they denied it 100% and we just showed it right back to them and they had no clue." >> reporter: new security cameras are also now in place. about athey work during the day and night. all efforts, the district claims, to keep students safe. >> we want to do everything we possibly can to make parents feel the kids are safe because one of the safest places to be is in a school. >> "the locks costs $62,000 and should be installed
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next month in lafayette justine waldman kron 4 news." >> pam: another big story throughout the bay area today. the return of the rain. this is how it looked in marin county earlier this afternoon. wet conditions making driving a challenge. and in san francisco. the umbrellas were out. and people bundled up. as the rain fell at a steady clip in the city all throughout the day. i'm here in the weather center now with jacqueline bennett. who is tracking the wet weather. >> jacqueline: we are getting a second wave of rainfall. with areas of moderate rainfall and south of the golden gate. mainly light areas of rainfall we can is the san jose, milpitas, a sunnyvale to light showers towards a livermore, there is moderate rainfall from the south to the north. it will be over the 580 pure hedging over
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pleasanton. and along the coast. there is a more moderate rainfall. the satellite and reddershowing some areas of the-radar. with heavier areas associated. still, some areas of associated moisture timing it out on futurecast. the possibility of rainfall, coming out. we are just 11 days away from the super bowl. and the 49ers were back on the practice field today. many players still sore from sunday's game. but saying, they will be ready come super bowl sunday. kron 4's j.r. stone spent the day in santa clara and has more on the locker room vibe as we approach super bowl week. >> we have to bring this home. >> reporter: the defensive tackle, straight to the point with his upcoming
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super bowl. >> we feel the pressure to get it done and get it done, now >> reporter: with the pressure, they took to the practice field on wednesday. and as far as harbaugh vs harbaugh? >> the media is making a big deal out of it. however, he says that we're playing the ravens, not his brother. >> plane that team in and orleans. >> what is people what do people say or think >> i'm going to go there to eat. >> they're also going to enjoy the food with the 49ers fans also down there. just after the san francisco giants victory. >> the warriors we're great fans. >> spoiled and getting used to the lead athletes in the bay area. both an extra week off to prepare for the super bowl.
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>> it is good. we're all gonna beat the hell right now. we could use some rest. we would ready to go next week. >> reporter: the 49ers will fly to new orleans on sunday. there will have one week in the big easy go for the super bowl. jury are strong, kron 4 news. >> pam: secretary of state hillary clinton grilled on capitol hill about the attack in benghazi that left an american ambassador dead. her emotional. and at times. firey testimony. the military prepared to change course on a long standing policy regarding women in combat. how soon they could be allowed on the front lines. but first. a local community college in danger of being shut down. how students and staff are trying to save it.
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>> pam: san francisco city college is on the brink of a possible closure. this is all because an accreditating commission found numerous violations with the college's structure and finances. the school, which serves about 85-thousand students. has until march to turn itself around. the commission gave city college recommendations and deadlines it must meet. to continue to survive. kron-4's terisa estaciso attended a meeting where several groups got together to deal with the crisis facing the college. >> reporter: members gathered wednesday at the student union to discuss on ways to speed up on the fate of the city college they talked about forming a coalition for a protest or another demonstration no matter what is decided the bottom line is that they are anxious to what the future holds. >> i think it is time that they literally need to think about where do the students
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fed in this picture. >> reporter: what can be done? >> yes. >> there is a real need to be able to show a perception that we are unified. and really want to save or college it is not a good option to be absorber to buy a another district we need to maintain control. we will only maintain that control with solidarity. it is a neit is not a good option to be-of sor absorbed by another district. >> reporter: many will be attending that meeting terisa estacio, kron 4. >> pam: secretary of state hillary clinton delivers an emotional account of the murder of ambassador christopher stevens and three others in libya last year. in that long- awaited testimony on capitol hill. secretary clinton was grilled about last septembers attack on the diplomatic compound in benghazi. the attack prompted a scathing review of state
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department procedures. catherine heenan has more. >> the secretary of state knew this was going to be a long day. she and the state department - accused of not doing enough to protect embassy workers. not making sure americans heard clear, honest answers as to what happened the night 4 americans died here in benghazi. >> madam secretary, you became this as".death trap." >> i would of relieve you of a post. >> the american people deserve answers and they certainly do not deserve a false answers. >> "with all due respect.we have four dead americans.what difference does it make." >> i also wanted to show you the excellence you showed.
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>> catherine: in contrast.democrats were gushing. some hinting that they hope she runs for president in 2016. >> i've stood next to obama as stay caskets were being taken off the plane i put the arms around the family and the wives left alone artur raise their children. >> catherine: we also saw clinton getting emotional. as she talked about those who died.and their families. clinton's bottom line. she says she moved quickly to improve the security of american diplomats. saying she's determined to leave the state department safer and more secure. >> pam: no one has yet been brought to justice for the attack. >> top transportation officials say they still don't know what's causing the electrical problems in boeing's 787 dreamliner. the f-a-a chief says it is still evaluating data, but promises complete transparency while they figure it out. last week, the agency grounded the u-s fleet of boeing's 787 after an in- flight incident in japan. the grounding came after several other issues with the plane's lithium battery in japan and the united states.
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the military is ending its policy of excluding women from combat roles. defense secretary leon panetta reportedly will make the announcement tomorrow and hopes the process will be complete by 2016. however, officials say that doesn't mean every combat position will be available at once. each branch of the military will have to examine every job and assess how to integrate. the army and marine corps for example, have to examine physical standards and gender-neutral accommodations within combat units. >> the winter weather has caused major problems on interstate 80 in ohio. there were three separate pileups. one person was killed. this area of the country has been
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experiencing i see and cold conditions. there is a snow warning with temperatures not expecting to increase of of 20's. >> this water main break and chilly temperatures with a big mess in pennsylvania. this slick ice early when we saw this water main break it was difficult to get to the source because was of the top of an icy hill. >> jacqueline: one we see those pictures of our conditions to not see quite that bad. these are rainfall totals and the last 24 hour is. nearly the same in petaluma, just a few hundredths of an inch. we have seen some showers and those continue. in fact, we are seeing a lot of rain in portions of the bay area. on
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stormtracker, you can see it is lightening up. more moderate along the coast and looking larger we can see it is concentrated. the nearby valley. through san jose, heavier. dublin, livermore, i and here the 580. let us take a look of the satellite and radar. more moisture coming up and we are going to have more scattered nature. as we take a look through lake tahoe, the light showers and mainly dealing with the rainfall. as we take a look of the futurecast it is pinpointing through livermore, and also heavier gear the coast. heavier near the coast. through this hour, we're going to see shower is continuing but not heavy. it will die down, overnight and to dry air conditions. for the morning commute we could see some
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showers with rain over san rafael, oakland, hayward. those could dry out, later. for tomorrow, we could see some breaks of sunshine and a bit warmer. 50s and 60s. 60s in redwood city. 61 degrees in san jose. not a bad day. for the sierras, we did see some areas of light snowfall. as we take a look get future guest will mainly be rainfall some snow and the same where the snow flurries of of 7,000 ft.. there rain below that but not expecting much of accumulations. a look at your extended forecast with some we were showers. otherwise, it is going to be dry and warmer. friday also looks to be dry good towards the weekend, the computer models are showing spotty conditions
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>> the fourth quarter earnings from apple are coming in and they are short of the wall street predictions. apple's new products coming up. >> coming up later in this broadcast alex smith is coming clean about kaepernick and frank gore has been fined. do you remember russell?
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>> apple ends up missing wall street's revenue forecast for the third straight quarter. despite shipping a record number of i-phones. some investors worry that buyers' interest in the the i-phone might be drying up. nonetheless. the tech giant
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is expected to turn out new products to wow consumers in 20-13. kron-4 tech reporter gabe slate gives us a look at the new apple gadgets coming our way soon. >> the ipad mini right now is $330. once the second degeneration is introduced it will be in lower-priced. nearly $200. it is more tempting. and to the iphone 6 is available in june. it will provide a 4.8 in. screen. it will also provide different colors with a scratch test resistant screen and fingerprint recognition technology. also, there's no word but we do expect apple to provide apple tv this year probably in the fall. this will be connected to the web and
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integrated with itunes. making it easy. people renting movies can bring in a lot of money. i do not know how this will sell we will see if they will be able to make this. and previous attempts at internet television has failed because it has been complicated and expensive. gabe slate tech report.
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next at 8-30. >> the oakland city council votes to hire a controversial police consultant. how the department is reacting to the cricticism of william bratton. continue to see rainfall and when it will stop
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. firefighters are mopping up a fire that raged through an abandoned house on the outskirts of downtown oakland. it broke out just before 5- 30 on harrison street. and burned for close to an hour and a half. at least one injury was reported. the cause is under investigation. >> two people are in recovering after being shot along a bike trail in el cerrito. the victims are described as being in their late teens. police say multiple people were seen fleeing the area.
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and they are still searching for the shooter. >> and san jose police are asking for your help finding a man who tried to abduct a teenage girl. investigators say the man grabbed the 13-year-old early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. she was able to fight him off. and the suspect ran away. he's described as hispanic man between 25-and-35 years old. a lot of rain falling in the bay area today. jacqueline is back with another check of the weather. >> jacqueline: this live look from the golden gate bridge. no rainfall now but it is a bit soggy. the stormtracker 4 over the north bay and san francisco. but mainly over dublin and the east bay. this same over hayward. largely moderate is coming to when and as we
8:34 pm
take a look it is still more to coming up from the south. it is weakening as it moves onshore some showers before things will taper off, overnight. we will time it out on futurecast and the possibility of more rain fall >> pam: the oakland city council approved four crime- fighting measures this morning. including a controversial measure to hire a supercop as a consultant. the council voted 7 to 1 after four hours of public concerned residents packed the council chamber. former new york and los angeles police chief william bratton is known for his controversial tactics. also for his previouis successes in reducing crime. one of his strategies is stop and frisk, which many are opposed to. oakland police chief howard jordan says that is not something they plan on implementing. >> we stop people based on reasonable suspicion. we do
8:35 pm
not teach our officers to stop and frish if they have their reasonable or probable cause based on what they see they can articulate in a report to the will have the right to search you. that is part of our policy. >> pam: bratton is expected to start mid february. >> in bay area news. a woman shot to death in east san jose. this is video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. it happened around 1-pm on ponselle court, near south king road. no word on any arrests. this is san jose's second homicide of the year. >> san francisco police have made an arrest in connection to a deadly home invasion in the sunset district three years ago. this is surveillance video of the crime on the 24- hundred block of moraga street from january 20-10. 44-year-old ben luo was shot and killed when 2 people burst into the home. and tied up 9-other people. one of the suspects. 29- year-old andre bueno. was arrested by las vegas police in december. he was extradited to san francisco last week. and is
8:36 pm
being held on 3-million dollars bail. >> palo alto police are looking for a man who robbed a couple at gun point while they were walking in the downtown area. late this afternoon. investigators released this sketch of the suspect. he's described as a black man in his early twenties, about 5 feet 8 inches tall. wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, and dark pants. kron-4's rob fladeboe has more. >> this happened around 8:40 5:00 p.m. near ramona. just a few blocks north of a busy on university avenue. it is essentially downtown palo alto but there is a lot of residential town homes. however it is still very well lit. in the evenings. this man and saying that
8:37 pm
this man was coming from the north confronted them. and produced a black hand gun and demanded valuables. he wanted the woman's purse, the man's wallet. and to turn down in the direction they came from. and they said that they could hear the man running the other direction he went towards emerson and went to our restaurant. they went to call police. >> what is interesting is that he is dayflowercalm demeter he did not seem agitated. he presented the handguns. the precisely told them what to do look and then he went the other way. >> it is not sure why they call the ninth 1 0 1 but the brunt of a time was lost. >> time is of the essence the sooner that we get the call the faster the we can
8:38 pm
respond to. we could set up a perimeter and put information out toward to do all the things that we typically two to apprehend the person. >> in december, they also were confronted by a man after violently being confronted downtown. at least downtown they do not believe that these cases are related. and palo alto, rob fladeboe, kron 4. china basin neighborhood earlier today. china basin neighborhood earlier today. investigators say, for the new mattress models but sleep train's huge year end clearance china basin neighborhood earlier today. investigators say, is ending soon. for a short time, save hundreds on tempur-pedic mattresses. get the most highly-recommended bed in america at closeout prices. plus, get interest-free financing and free same-day delivery. why wait for the new models? sleep train's year end clearance is ending soon. superior service, best selection,
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now for today's market update. stocks end the day higher after getting strong earnings reports from technology companies. such as google. and i-b-m. on wall street the dow rose 67-points. thanks to a big boost from i-b-m. the nasdaq gained ten. and the s-and-p-500 picked up two points. internet video service >> netflix is reporting strong gains. and an unexpected profit. in the final three months of 20-12. netflix says it added 2- million subscribers in the u-s during the fourth quarter. and revenue climbed 8-percent to 945-million dollars. netflix now has more than 27-million customers using its movie and t-v internet streaming service. its stock has surged by more than 30-percent since early december. >> the new york times reports some restaurant chefs are getting camera shy. and are now banning patrons from taking photos of their food. the times lists several restaurants in new york city, and others in the united kingdom, australia and canada. as barring customers from snapping
8:42 pm
pictures. or instituting no-flash policies. restaurants apparently feel people taking photos of their food with smartphones or other cameras and posting them online is ruining the ambiance and dining experience for others. >> coming up alex smith will talk about colin kaepernick and his tattoos gary radnich coming up...
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or if we still did not stop. >> you better hold on to that kerman you could be getting hurt. >> you should be hold it
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because you could be getting (threats) >> your life is over poppi you ask me and i told you know. >> now all i remember why did so many people do not like ...hate haight street to have its homeless population like this man tried to purchase this street chic. and our transplanted population that are migrated. >> i am from macon, georgia. >> and people from rochester n.y. and one guy is here. >> i got arrested in three or four different states and i got arrested for marijuana. >> nearly everyone has a couple of dogs. some people call them their shoulder
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and. this is a puppy. >> is eight weeks. >> most of these visitors come here and panhandle for weeks at a time and then it will go to a different town. some however, will stay. >> this is due to smashed a window of the other night because he is crazy he was attacking this bamboo sign and started revving sticks out of the ground and beating the trash can. and he said this window is not real and just smashed it. >> that guy in the beginning because i was trying to get video of his stock. i was only on this haight st for about two hours but some of these business owners have been here for about 30 years. you can do the math. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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>> jacqueline: it has been injuries and showery and -- dreary take a look to the rainfall totals. and just 0.01 in san jose. we can see the showery conditions with moderate rainfall up here the 580. it looks like things could taper off with the satellite and radar showing this film of moisture we will probably see more showers with this flow of moisture. the futurecast is in agreement with this plan ow home this cl h
8:48 pm
overnig y might wa to keep your overnight sp >> jacqueline: we could see some sunshine with of the shower is tapering off overnight with partly cloudy. temperatures will be in the upper 50s and 60s. as for the sierras, some snowfall totals but only at higher elevations above 7,000 ft.. that is what it could remain. saturday, the rate omainly the chances of rain and snowfall mixted . however, it is not a very good as we go towards
8:49 pm
friday, saturday, sunday, the slight chance of showers temperatures will be dropping several degrees. it looks like it will stay dry now, there's no news snowfall to talk about they have not quite updated their snowfall totals. a 93 in. base at tahoe >> giving everybody. believe it or not and weather or not they admit it or not they want to get the big workouts and fear. let us face it with all of the pressure, the talk
8:50 pm
everywhere you turn there is always somebody looking at you. there is colin kaepernick he is going to this story going into the super bowl. alex smith. this is why they say that he is a first-class guy. >> i think what i am most impressed with his the lack of young rookie mistakes. he shows flashes however, when young tebow command, the usual just show flashes. however,-but he is not done just flashes. these are all of my teammates. we go through so much together. and i lot of these players have been here for a large chunk of time. >> and that is where your
8:51 pm
daughter to marry. >> pam: he is a class act. >> gary: he also has started via dollars in the bank. >> pam: [laughter] $30 million in the bank. -- >> gary: he was in all major source. they sat down and talking about their sons and his tattoos. >> i am fine with this tattoos. had he consulted with me i did say perhaps a few less. and i was okay. >> basically they mean something to him. four other people to judge that that is okay that is their feeling but for him they have meaning. >> you better believe it that agents are on the fair game. he has filed for the
8:52 pm
best bicep tests of kaepernicking.. and. and if this registration was filed wanting to use this on t- shirts of kissing biceps. and an interesting story. with a $10,500 fined for this player book of that muscle!-it is time to review how the 49ers got to where they are. (music)
8:53 pm
>> the forty-niners went over the chargers on super bowl 29. that was their fifth world championship in 13 seasons. in 1995, the forty-niners were a true legacy. steve young, his first title would be also the last. 18 years before san francisco would get back to the promised land. following that 1995 world championship, the 49ers would make this post season six times over the next eight years. only to be sent home shy of the super bowl. however, some of those are becoming near the hands of breet favre from the green bay packers from-brett favre this 1999 wild-card created some excitement. 20- 18, losing to atlanta. in 2003, (cheers & applause) >> the 49ers came back with a 20 point deficit to take the lead. and they had to hang on to pass the giants in dramatic fashion. in the divisional round, san francisco lost to the championships, to coach
8:54 pm
gruden in tampa bay. the coach would be fired later, and there would not see the playoffs until 46-82. led by dennis erickson, nolan and singletary and nolan. however, this all changed with harbaugh. in his first season they got back into the playoffs with a thrilling first round victory over the saints. and super bowl, 46. harbaugh has done it again pushing all the right buttons. some of these decisions did not sit well with all the players. harbaugh going with colin kaepernick proved to be the right one. now, the 49ers are one victory away from maintaining their glory of another trip down market street
8:55 pm
>> raiders have hired tony sparano and russell wants back in. the word is that he is broke. after getting a 30 million-dollar contract. when we return, a special word about kron this honored on a national radio. i will tell you about it coming out. . coming up..
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>> san francisco is on a national radio show on cbs. they introduced me as a gary radnich from one of the greatest k television station staffron and he said gary radnich is going back one of the greatest stations in the country. and he said that he had admitted that did not seen it in 18 years. >> pam: see you at 11
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